Huntington Beach Post 133

Veterans in the classroom

Every year The American Legion Huntington Beach Post 133  sends their members into the elementary and middle school classrooms of Huntington Beach. They have been doing this since 2001.

These veterans present to the children what Veterans Day is and what it stands for. They demonstrate the proper way to display the US flag.  They also talk about their personal experiences during their war era.  After the presentation, the children are given an opportunity to ask these veterans questions. Many of these veterans bring along pictures and memorabilia from their service and war era.  These legionnaires also present each child with a patriotic folder.  These folders explain about Veterans Day, the United States Constitution, flag etiquette, some important dates in American history, the Pledge of Allegiance, and give a brief description of The American Legion.

Most of these children have no understanding or concept of war, except what they see on television or video games.  The veterans attempt to educate them about military service, especially that most service men and women are not involved in direct combat. For more information contact Tony Zarkades at 714-580-4645.


The teachers expressed thanks for these visits, and hopefully the children leave with a better understanding of Veterans Day, the military, and veterans.